$30,000 in Debt gone in 18 months…

This is a happy moment for me because Annelisa and I just paid off debt! This one was a $11,000 drain in April 2013. Now it’s $0 after 18 months.

For a LONG time  I absolutely struggled. Debt was a beast I did not want to approach, even though I knew, the longer I waited the more nasty it would get. And it did. So much so that for about 6 years the debts piled upon me, thousands of dollars at a time. It was so crushing, that I had days where the weight almost overcame me. All said and done I had accumulated around $50,000 in various forms of debt (student loans, to credit cards and credit lines).

Debt messed around with my self worth and confidence… and kept me in hiding from life. Looking back it was really sad 🙁


Thankfully the principles I learned from Brandon Broadwater​ at Higher Laws​ events totally turned my life around! Brandon has helped so many people discover the principles to get them out of the hole they were in… and I’m one of those people.

Honestly, at first when I learned some things at the event I thought “wow that’s totally cool and makes sense”. Except I didn’t actually do anything. I was too stubborn to actually apply what others were doing to blast themselves out of debt 30k, 85k like Vanessa and 105k worth of debt (and more).

Then  finally the summer of 2013 I came to myself and had a break through where I basically said, “I don’t care anymore… I’m all in… I’m going to do the little things they did to get those results”.

Since that time, and because I took the next steps that Brandon said would work… the seemingly impossible happened.

RESULTS… $30,000 of that $50,000 is paid off in 18 months.

The best part is this… the light & joy has poured back into my life. I’ve had times where I’ve felt the joy I once felt only when I was a child.

That’s what I was missing out on for 6-7 years because of the debt I carried.

It’s a great feeling to move forward. I have no doubt that what is covered @ Master Your Power Within is truly effective and that anyone buried in debt can get out.

I’ve seen others pay off well over 100K. This stuff works!

How grateful I am for the principles from The Master Your Power Within – 3 Day Event .

PS – find out in this audio how my peers got results… while I was investing my time “tip toeing” into life:

Call or text me: 702-577-1680 or email Kyle@HigherLaws.com. Debt is not a place anyone needs to stay!







Note: This blog post stems from facebook Jan 27, 2015 which was so well received that I felt inspired to post it here also. Most importantly one thing I realized as I spoke with people in debt, and received messages from them that debt really is an unfriendly monster. Thankfully it can be overcome! 


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5 Comments on "$30,000 in Debt gone in 18 months…"

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2 years 11 months ago

Kyle, we started applying the principles Brandon teaches at the “Master your power within” event knowing we would see results. Why do I say we knew we’d see results? Because every other time we have put the principles he shares into action we see results. Even though we knew we’d see them, it wasn’t until I actually stopped to assess where we were – remember these are small steps not huge sacrifices – I was astounded by how quickly we also payed down debt. It took less than 1/4 of the estimated time and not only did I not feel like our quality of life had decreased, I actually felt like it had increased We did more, we traveled more… you have to try it to believe it. SO glad you’re sharing this with others, it has changed our lives!

2 years 11 months ago

Go Kyle Go!!! Awesome how the application of Higher Laws can change everything

2 years 11 months ago

Great read Kyle! It looks like that you’re on pace to be debt-free by the end of the year! Congratulations and thank you for providing hope for others with similar debt burdens.