2 Keys to Stepping Out of Debt

After getting personal messages from a number of people who asked me “how did you pay down $30,000 debt in 18 months“… I really started to rack my brain. It also drives me semi crazy that others are struggling in this area when they don’t need to be… which is why I so dearly want to share what made such a difference!

The big answer came from what I learned at the 3 Day Event now called “Master Your Power Within“. That’s three days though… and this is just a blog post… so I’ve done my best to boil it down to two simple keys that helped along the journey in paying off $30,000 debt in 18 months.

The first key is really the foundation of great success in all areas of life (relationships, money, business and personal happiness). The second key helped me to see my blind spots!

Without both of these keys it is the equivalent to walking around in the pitch dark with ear plugs. However, with them it’s a principle based springboard and starting point towards a way out of debt.

1) Understanding what the #1 Asset really was has impacted me ever since I first learned it. Here’s that section of Master Your Power Within, so pop into the course for free and discover it for yourself:

2) Taking the Personal Assessment helped me to see what was going on inside me, not to mention the value of going over this with a trained Higher Laws coach. It was a tangible and easy next step… so I wouldn’t just dip my toes (like I did for a period of time — silly me!).

That’s it, two simple steps!

In reflecting on how this came together, it has become increasingly clear to me that the results didn’t just happen, because I tried a new strategy. The results came from learning about and applying principles. And because Brandon is willing to pay it forward and share the “how” just like he needed to.

“I suddenly realized that I wasn’t any different from people who were successful, I only needed to be shown ‘how’” – Brandon Broadwater

PS – if you haven’t already, make sure to take the Personal Assessment (click this link). This is a proven next step towards creating better or even better results in your life!

 PPS – for graduates of the 3 Day Event (now called Master Your Power Within) if you’re not already doing so, as you know the secret is in aligning to your knowledge of principles and taking action as you learned at the event! You’re already equipped… and similar to my journey… it’s a matter of valiantly committing to what works!

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