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Hi there! I gKyle McNeil - Laughinguess you could classify me as a sales and marketing guy by day, family guy by night, and this is my blog. I live in Calgary, love the Edmonton Oilers Hockey team (how did I end up in Calgary?!), and have an incredible wife who is my best friend.

My hope and goal is that you find this blog a refreshing place to visit, and that the messages and lessons you take with you, will deeply and positively impact your life.

The company I founded in 2009 is called “Thoughtful Leadership” which came to fruition after previous projects and businesses came crashing down all around me (Real Estate wasn’t for me in that season, and neither was the 9-5 grind).

Either way I started to intimately learn that “for things to change I must change” ~ Jim Rohn. 

 WTime to Changeith these transitions in the works, misery in my heart, and $4000 as my annual business income something dearly needed to improve.

Then something significant happened that changed things so dramatically it amazes me to this day.

And this was it…

Through a friend I was invited to an event called “The Answer to Everything” taught by Brandon Broadwater. I went… and it changed my life so much, that I things shifted from a place where I made $4000 in the previous year (tough year I know), to a place where I since than I’ve made $4000 residually in 4 month periods.

Since that time I’ve also had a tremendous amount of opportunities pour into my life like getting to work with some incredible entrepreneurs, and seeing beautiful places! 

As life goes, there have been some challenging times too, like the passing of my father and the loss of a very dear friend… both were tough pills to swallow. I came through these experiences stronger, and even more clear about what really matters! 

Through these experiences it became clear to me there was a huge opportunity to share with others, the things that pulled me out of financial despair. Now I have genuine hope, excitement, and tangible results!

I’ve dedicated my life to sharing the knowledge from Higher Laws and “The Answer to Everything” has changed my life, my income, my happiness, and brought an incredible woman and marriage into my life.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you! 


Special mention and thank you’s:

I’ve also been fortunate to work with and learn from people with incredible results.

Here are a few:Thank You

– Brandon Broadwater for the incredible things you’ve shared with me since we met in 2010. It truly has been everything you said it would be, and so much more!

– Michael Drew for one, who has put a tremendous amount of authors on best-seller lists. And his business partner Andrea Reindl who is the glue in his business.

– Tim Francis, who I met at the University of Alberta. You drive and passion for entrepreneurship, and strong friendship over the years has been a huge gift to me.

– Andy & Connie Benjamin — I’ve seen you grow so much since we met in 2009. It really has been incredible to see how much lives can change. You are living proof of the amazing principles of Higher Laws.

Also, thank you to my family and friends, for all your love, support, and strength. No doubt you all have played a very significant role! And I love you!



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