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The “It Changed My Life” Cliche… or is it?

How many times have you heard someone say “it changed my life” or “it was life changing”?

Pick any context… and it’s a phrase that’s used often.

So much so, that when these cliche words are strung together, even though I very much believe in change, I have a tendency to “check out”. It’s over-used, and unfortunately abused!

Or is it?

Whether it is or not, my good friend Rory shared something so simple and beautiful that it has totally opened my eyes to cliche phrase…

And this is what Rory said (in reference to what he learned about going from deep depression to living an inspired and inspiring life).

“It changed my life because it gave me new choices” ~ Rory Hochstein

What a beautiful definition this is Rory, because it takes a cliche phrase, and gives it life and spark again!

Personally this has given me a new choice… and a motivation to be more curious about others, and has shifted my attitude for the better. 

And the more I think about it, the more I realize how many times this spirit of sincere curiosity and interest has created amazing things (business deals, life lessons, chances to serve, and happiness in my relationships). Thank you Rory!

Another arrow in the quiver of great distinctions!arrows-quiver

I’m curious to know… with something that has most changed, shifted or improved your life… Did it provide you with new empowering choices?

I imagine it has… and what a great definition this is.

PS – After a number of years of ups and downs in my personal growth , I have experienced that when growth is based on principles, it has the power to change our lives every moment, especially when we are striving to align with those principles. My life changed dramatically 5 years ago…  and continues to daily because of powerful and guiding truths like the one below. I’ve also had the privilege to watch amazing things take place in the lives of many others, as they too have learned incredible principles like this one!

~ Video from: Brandon Broadwater @ Master Your Power Within

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Turning Financial Strain into Security

In the course of the last three years, I’ve watched countless people approach their finances in a way that leaves them waining… worried, worn out and financially strained.

How do I know this?

Two reasons… the first is I’ve been that guy, and secondly I’ve talked with dozens upon dozens of people who have a desire to shift their bank accounts. Unfortunately that desire didn’t translated into action because their was a lack of clarity on what to do.

On a call with a good friend, she asked about what made a $30,000 difference in 18 months for Annelisa and I?

I realized that it boils down to 5 keys… and they have made a powerful difference in my finances and daily peace of mind.

Here they are!

The 5 Keys to Turn Financial Strain into Certainty:

1. Commitment

Are you 100% committed to doing whatever it takes? If not, there’s no point going forward… stop here.

2. Get Honest with the Facts

It’s time to fully acknowledge the monster in the room… you and I both know he’s there, and he’s not leaving until we deal with him.

This is how to do it:

Itemize all the debts, expenses, assets and cashflow you have.

Surprisingly to me… there was something so powerful about this step alone!

3. Make Sure to set up Prosperity Accounts

If you don’t know what a Prosperity Account is, it’s a beautiful way to align with principle based and basic human needs (like certainty, predictability, and fun). Prosperity Accounts are covered on Day #1 of 3. This and so many other prosperity principles are covered at the Master Your Power Within™ event. 

4. Weekly Time Dedicated to Rock Your Finances!  

This means a weekly meeting time that is set aside and is honored at all costs!

It’s my personal experience that not having a scheduled weekly time will greatly increase the likelihood of the monster coming back to mess with my life. As a result my wife and I call this bullseye/meeting time “Rockin’ the Finances Like a Lion”.

Bonus: during this meeting it’s a great time to ask really great questions, like:

  • How can I make things even better?
  • What am I missing?
  • How would a master of their finances approach this?

5. This one last thing is SO key…

Without the 5th key, a crash and burn will happen, because when I don’t do this I’m 10x more likely to get stressed out. Which often leads to poor decisions and our unwelcome visitor… procrastination!

The secret key is that before starting your Financial Bullseye Time… that you “set STATE”. What is state? It’s basically how you feel. If I’m in a trashy state, it’s *not* a good time to work on finances.

What not to do: doing finances when you’re dog tired…

What to do: when do you feel the best in the day? For us, it’s after a workout and good nutrition in the morning!

These 5 keys started to create a golden time for me to shift my financial situation. Little decisions and little commitments that have added up for the better. 


How will using these 5 keys make a difference for you?

If things need to change financially… what do you have to lose?

PS – This was one of the biggest things I needed to watch out for… and it was a part of me that likes to say “later”… which hadn’t served me at all, because…

“To know and not to do is really not to know” ~ Stephen Covey

These simple keys have made a tremendous difference… and as Covey has illuminated above, the magic is in the doing.

PPS – Do you have any questions? Are you in? I’m happy to support you, and you’re welcome to email me: Kyle@HigherLaws.com

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