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The “It Changed My Life” Cliche… or is it?

How many times have you heard someone say “it changed my life” or “it was life changing”?

Pick any context… and it’s a phrase that’s used often.

So much so, that when these cliche words are strung together, even though I very much believe in change, I have a tendency to “check out”. It’s over-used, and unfortunately abused!

Or is it?

Whether it is or not, my good friend Rory shared something so simple and beautiful that it has totally opened my eyes to cliche phrase…

And this is what Rory said (in reference to what he learned about going from deep depression to living an inspired and inspiring life).

“It changed my life because it gave me new choices” ~ Rory Hochstein

What a beautiful definition this is Rory, because it takes a cliche phrase, and gives it life and spark again!

Personally this has given me a new choice… and a motivation to be more curious about others, and has shifted my attitude for the better. 

And the more I think about it, the more I realize how many times this spirit of sincere curiosity and interest has created amazing things (business deals, life lessons, chances to serve, and happiness in my relationships). Thank you Rory!

Another arrow in the quiver of great distinctions!arrows-quiver

I’m curious to know… with something that has most changed, shifted or improved your life… Did it provide you with new empowering choices?

I imagine it has… and what a great definition this is.

PS – After a number of years of ups and downs in my personal growth , I have experienced that when growth is based on principles, it has the power to change our lives every moment, especially when we are striving to align with those principles. My life changed dramatically 5 years ago…  and continues to daily because of powerful and guiding truths like the one below. I’ve also had the privilege to watch amazing things take place in the lives of many others, as they too have learned incredible principles like this one!

~ Video from: Brandon Broadwater @ Master Your Power Within

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