Find clarity and power to act on what matters.

Are you looking for clarity in your business and life?
And need actionable steps to move towards what matters?

Kyle has invested the last 20 years in various pursuits from managing a band, coaching others, event planning, and public speaking to figuring out what he’s doing with his life. 

His love for business is the spirit, passion and purpose that so many people bring.

He has now settled into business consulting roles around operations and finance. 

Kyle’s secret mission is to help others be the best they can be. And is a motivating factor to what drives his life! 

In addition to a love for his wife, family, work, reading, writing, cycling, breakfast smoothies and the Edmonton Oilers! One of his joys is taking panoramic shots on his phone (a few of which you will find on this site)!

Kyle McNeil


Principles don’t get mad and treat us differently… they don’t depend on the behavior of others… Principles don’t die. They aren’t here one day and gone the next. They can’t be destroyed by fire, earthquake or theft.
~ Stephen Covey is about experiences with principles, because principles are the ultimate source of certainty in pursuit of a meaningful life!