Kyle McNeil

Kyle McNeil

9 Fun Facts About Kyle

This is 100% a fun post. Nothing serious here!

Here are nine random things about me in randomized order.

  1. Adams Peanut Butter spread richly and thoroughly… I’m not sure there’s anything better.
  2. Spreadsheets… I’ve fallen in love with them. There’s so much data you can crunch!
  3. Awesome time. This is something my daughter Julianna and I do every night for 10 minutes. It’s super bonding in our relationship. She chooses the activity. We start with a fun song and dance. Big shout out to #Positive Parenting.
  4. Golden hour (just after sunset, is such a fantastic time of day). 
  5. A clean kitchen. A simple joy. 
  6. The quiet of the morning. So much can be accomplished. So much peace can be found!
  7. Ocean waves exploding on rocks. On our honeymoon, it was almost impossible to pull me away from the tall cliffs on the Big Island in Hawaii. 
  8. Roasting almonds. We have a process. It’s delicious and smells incredible. If you are interested, just ask 🙂
  9. Audible business books (55 books and counting as of this post).

Are any of these on your list? 
If so, which one?

Here’s a picture from the Big Island in Hawaii… there’s such beautiful force and power in nature!

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