Kyle McNeil

Kyle McNeil

Pucks, Business, Life… I’ve Always Done This One Thing

Why did I gravitate to being a goalie in hockey, where my primary role was to stabilize our defense? A position I played for 12-13 years of my life. Where the ultimate outcome is ensure the opponents score less goals than we would.

Why have I found myself over the last 2-3 years deeply enjoying my work in ways I hadn’t before since making the shift to a more business operations / COO / operator type of a role?

For most of my life until 2015 I had no conscious clue about this tendency. But reflection and pondering brought me to this realization and suddenly obvious parallel.

That I am wired to the core as a stabilizer to bring structure and calmness.

In a world that often celebrates flash and dash this was a tremendously empowering discovery for me!

To further bring insight and some humor to the subject. Two years ago I found this hockey inspired tee-shirt which was like love at first sight, which said…

“I don’t get many goals, but when I’m on the ice you won’t either”.

I absolutely know that offense has an important part in sports, life, and business. I have never played on a team that ever won a tied game. At the same time, I love the oft-quoted saying that “defense wins championships”. This quote is something that Keith Cunningham also espouses in one of his business books as a key to success.

It’s awesome to know people who are great at naturally gifted to score and create offense.

Life and business is a team sport.

And if there’s one thing I’ve come to know about myself on this topic it’s that…

I strive to make educated decisions to establish/protect/defend/fortify what matters most. Which for me includes my faith, family, friends, and business endeavors. And to strategically move these matters forward.

PS – We all have our strengths. This is one that I’ve uncovered. What is one of your strengths or superpowers? 

PPS – Oh and by the way! I highly recommend the Kolbe A Index. It was the defining item that created so much insight for me (including that I naturally stabilize), and helped me move forward in ways I never had before. It was literally life-changing.

⬇️ And before you go… here’s a good laugh for you 🙂 😂

Yes this is me… at approx. 16 years old… being the Goalie is the last line of defense!

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