Kyle McNeil

Kyle McNeil

To those who Communicate Like this… I tip my hat

In unity and support of the #GiveThanks movement.

And in 2020 which has been a year of uncertainty like many of us have never seen.

I give thanks for a special type of person…

The individual who in a year of financial, political and global health uncertainty, doesn’t let circumstances dictate their behavior.

Who instead strives with all their capacity to be both Courageous & Considerate. Which Scott Miller says… “leaves the other person whole and intact”.

To those who are genuinely mindful of your own outcomes (courage) and have a true consideration for those receiving the message. I tip my hat to you, because you are making the difference that we really need in our world. You are generating trust and creating productive and positive change.

I #GiveThanks to you in your efforts to be both courageous and considerate.

Thank you!

PS – What do you #GiveThanks for? Share it on social media and those you love.

Honesty is always best received with liberal amounts of respect and love.”



#GiveThanks Movement Video and How it Started.

Courage & Consideration video from Scott Miller from the Covey Organization.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Free training & the book, which includes the principle based concept of “Courage & Consideration”.)

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